The Most Practical Programming Languages for Digital Marketers

The Most Practical Programming Languages for Digital Marketers

Programming languages are the solid framework of mobile applications and e-commerce software. Every member of our engineering and developer team master these seven language besides their own signature skill. Our marketers and designers do also master some of these languages. Thy work collaboratively with engineers to relay our customers’ requests in the technical language our engineers understand best.

These are seven programming language every marketer should learn today to advance faster in their career. The best part about learning programming languages (these particularly) is that they feed into each other most of the time. Your learning curve would go steep if you’re a serious learner and a hard worker.

1. Java

Java is one of the most famous languages thanks to the variety of advantages it offers. Java’s code needs to be compiled only once on any machine that has Java Virtual Machine installed. It is  compatible with any OS and hardware. Java is especially high-ranked for being an optimal language for mobile applications (esp. Android OS). It is of equal importance in the development of desktop and entrepreneurial applications.

2. Python

Python is an all-encompassing language that ensures the programming of mobile applications, web apps, data analysis, the evaluation of data sets and user interface (UI) development. Additionally, frameworks exist for all of these functions. It is easy to learn due to its simple and readable structure and syntax. Python programmers are usually in demand at bigger companies that are in need of the evaluation of large sets of data.

3. SQL

This language is not meant for development but for the interaction with the underlying database of an application. SQL is essential if you want to detect particular data in an immense and complex directory of data. In addition, owing to its similarity to the English language, SQL is easy to learn and combined with other programming languages ensures a high degree of competence.

4. PHP

PHP is a significant server-side language because it is easy to learn, used through implementation in the HTML code and because it is an open-source language. PHP works with data and hence offers the perfect means for web development and content management systems. Also, there are various PHP platforms like WordPress and Joomla that allow programmers to further develop and ameliorate their websites.

5. JavaScript

This language is a must if you want to create interactive interfaces and ensure proper communication on websites. JavaScript is also used to encompass animations, scripts, objects and communicative interfaces. Since it is a client side language, the server is less burdened and the speed of the application is boosted. It is one of the most important languages for web development.

6. Ruby

Ruby is easy to learn and popular for the fact that it can kick-start projects due to its simple and straightforward structure. It is mainly designed to develop web applications. It is also an interpreted open-source language. Ruby is the preferred programming language of starting companies since it is ideal for web programming.

7. C

C is one of the oldest and most still-in-use programming languages. Its advantages include the fact that it is easy to learn and usually one of the first languages that are taught since it prepares beginners for the learning of other programming languages and facilitates their first encounters with programming. C is meant for developing operating systems, application software, supercomputers and embedded systems.

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