Junkbot is a robotic kit which enables students to build robots from junk like water bottles, waste CD’s, cardboards etc. Its an awesome tool to strengthen STEM knowledge and increase environmental awareness.

We are building a platform which helps students & hobbyists a to sharpen STEM skills in a creative way. This aid them to apply the concepts they learnt in real life and make them more focused towards their careers by increasing their interest among concepts like programming, electronics, mathematics, physics, environmental science, designing & prototyping.

It is an affordable 100% open platform to enable students, hobbyists and developers to reuse JUNK to make ROBOTS. The ideology behind this project is to develop easy and simple to use modules that are in accordance with the 21st century skills; students learn to utilize the simple, common objects/things around us effectively paving way to inculcate the habit of problem solving techniques aimed at creativity and innovation. On the other hand designing, programming, science and math skills are developed in this process.