Web design and Branding Strategy

No web or mobile app is complete without a proper UI design that matches your brand, your values and your customers’ values. No business is profitable without a solid social fan base on social media. Our websites and mobile applications are designed with your business model and target market in mind. Our highly talented team of web designers and graphic designers deliver premium design services. We deliver web design and branding strategies for companies in Dubai, Sydney and everywhere around the world.

What We Do

We design amazing websites that get clicks, get sales & look great.


We work with you to create a unique identity that conveys your brand message and your company values. We create aesthetically-pleasing and unique logos. Identity is the foundation of a great brand. It is what users and customers recognize with.

Web design

We create engaging and responsive mobile, tablet, and desktop user interface and user experiences (UI, UX). Our design is as beautiful as our code.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

At iChanical, in Dubai, we implement the latest software, technologies and techniques to broaden the efficiency and scope of your Content Management System. As the end user of our Content Management System (CMS), we ensure that you get an interface that is fast, interactive and safeguards your content.

Mobile website design

We provide mobile website design optimized for mobile viewership. Web websites are designed to fit on large desktop monitors whereas a mobile optimized website takes into account the smaller screen size of any mobile phone or mobile device (tablet). We provide mobile website design that will make your website leaner, faster, and more specific to your customers’ interests or needs. Contact us today for mobile business in the UAE and anywhere in the world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our digital marketeering team in Dubai has extended professional experience in developing websites that rank atop on search engines such as Google, Safari Yahoo and Bings. We follow the best practices (such as semantic linking) to make sure your website and mobile optimized website gets the clicks it needs and that it is indexable by all the search engines in your business’ location or your target market’s. Our content management systems allow you to manage and therefore constantly tweak SEO components yourself or with the consultation of our team. Your website will be rich in localized keywords that are relevant to your industry and location.

How We do it

Our web designers and digital marketers in Dubai are experts in digital communication. iChanical understands how the internet works and, more importantly, how it can best work for you. Our designers and marketers work collaboratively to create websites and mobile optimized websites that meet your highest visual standards, and function to your highest technical requirements. We build stunning websites that capture, inspire and inform, whilst speaking in your tone to your customers and users.

Our methodology

We turn ideas into websites users click and shop on.

1. We get to know your business

We invest our time to understand your current or future operations, market positioning, and competition and help you pin down the most effective web design to your unique business and user experience challenges.

2. The first prototype

During the prototyping stage, we develop a clickable responsive first look to your website and mobile optimized website. In our initial development phase, we make sure your website is easy to use and meets yours and your customers’ specific requirements. Our high-quality design incorporates the complete “look and feel” of the website and mobile optimized website. This early process enables you to experience how exactly the website will look and work before we write a line of HTML code.

3. We write the code

After you approve the final design, our talented web designers, graphic designers and digital marketers in Dubai start the work. Our development methodology prioritizes all the requirements, including both design (UI) and usability (UX, CX) before any HTML lines are written. This makes our development process faster and easier —and more cost-efficient for you.

4. Website launch

At this final step, your website and mobile optimized website are in final function mode. You knew already how the website and mobile optimized website look and work since the prototype phase, so there are no surprises. Our development, design and marketing team in Dubai and Sydney provides support in every step of the way, ensuring your launch is a smooth one.

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