Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics

Green Whale help TELECOM / OIL&GAS companies to take better business decisions by analyzing the Big Data or large information which are in structured or unstructured format by using advanced tools and processes. Green Whale analyze Structured, Semi Structured & Un-structured Data, Real Time Data and can Easily Manage Tera to Peta Bytes of Data with Less Time to load the data and High Speed Data Processing.


Build Smatter Campaigns

  • Driving real-time contextual, targeted marketing offers resulting in higher acceptance rates and revenue
  • Reducing churn

Revolutionary Call Center

  • Identifying and resolving service issues in minutes
  • Proactively managing customer experience and churn

Analyze Network

  • Managing and planning for capacity requirements to maintain and improve the quality of service
  • Optimizing network investment to maximize impact for most lucrative customer segments

Location Based Services

  • Identifying and resolving network bottlenecks in minutes
  • Proactively managing customer experience and churn

OIL & Gas

Amplify Exploration & Production

  • Optimize extraction and effectively manage well operations with real-time interpretation of drilling information
  • Improve reservoir performance by analyzing and acting on information from seismic studies and production systems
  • Avoid disruptions and reduce production losses caused by equipment breakdowns or facility problems

Better Refining and Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Improving the safety and maintenance of facilities and equipment
  • Sustaining regulatory compliance and demonstrating compliance by efficiently generating reports
  • Increasing the lifespan of equipment by implementing condition-based maintenance using predictive analytics
  • Sharing accumulated knowledge with new employees and institutionalizing that knowledge by incorporating it into company processes and procedures

Effective Global Operation

  • Optimize the efficiency of a global supply chain and reduce expenses
  • Facilitate intelligent, informed decision making
  • Achieve compliance while controlling costs

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Explore Big Data

Explore Big Data

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Data warehouse modernization

Data warehouse modernization

Improved Operation Management


Better Customer Understanding

Better Customer Understanding