iChanical Techpreneur Team in Dubai Builds "Junktbot:" DIY Robot Kit For Commercial Sale

iChanical techpreneurs team has built a new prototype for a DIY robot kit in Dubai. This new pioneer project has been supported by hardware.co, a hardware incubator in Berlin, Germany.

Junkbot is iChanical’s robot kit for robot enthusiasts and students to build robots from junk like water bottles, waste CD’s, cardboards etc. It is an awesome tool that strengthens both the students’ STEM (science technology engineering and mathematics) theoretical knowledge and environmental awareness.

The iChanical techpreneur team is keen to pursue the goal to democratize knowledge among students, robot enthusiats and anyone who would like to build functional robots with our Junkbot robot kit. We are also conscious about the rapid changes in the environment. We want to be game changers. We chose to Dubai, our office headquarters, as the new world capital that will lead scientific discovery in the next decades.

Just as vehicles can, today, break the sound barrier, anyone can or should build their own open-source robot as any scientist would.  In today’s technology, computation devices have reduced in size and have become more powerful than the computers that were first used during early space missions. Technology has no limits.

The human mind seeks inspiration from the environment he lives in and creates wonderful and fascinating objects from therein. The discovery of fire laid the foundation to non-stopping human third for discovery and invention: automobiles, telephones, computers and now the array of smart devices available and being developed at this very moment, to create a smarter planet. We are now living in an age where we are surrounded by smarter objects which help achieve the goal of making living more sustainable.

We are building a platform which helps students & tech hardware enthusiasts and students sharpen their engineering skills in a creative way. This robot kit which we’re calling Junkbot or Junk Robot applies concepts students learn in university. Our robot kit (junkbot) can sharpen the students’ focus on their engineering career by increasing their interest in the fields of programming, electronics, mathematics, physics, environmental science, designing & prototyping. The list is not exhaustive. We strongly believe that with the help of JUNKBOT platform students, hobbyists and developers can reuse JUNK around available to make ROBOTS. 

To learn more about Junkbot.co, reach out to info@ichanical.com.