Five Strength Points of STEM Education for Future College Graduates

Five Strength Points of STEM Education for Future College Graduates

STEM majors and specialized universities are increasing in number in Dubai, the UAE and the GCC countries. The Dow Chemical Company and the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association ( GPCA ) launched “Young Scientists Program,” in the GCC. This initiative supports students aspiring to pursue a career in chemical and petroleum engineering. STEM majors are known for academic rigorousness and exponential earning potential after graduation.

Here are five reasons to why you should enroll in a STEM program:

1. Everyday Critical evaluation

In a STEM survey released by Microsoft on reasons why college students choose STEM degrees , 68% choose STEM majors because it is intellectually challenging and stimulating. Students are trained to solve problems. Students learn in a positive enthusiastic atmosphere how to lead and innovate in their studies domain.

2. Space for Innovation

STEM majors allow plenty of room for innovationn . Students are stimulated to invest in their intellectual capacities .The kind of learning they receive fosters their curiosity and transfer control of the learning process to the students. Students learn to develop their own rules and algorithms and lead their own learning responsibility.

3. Job availability

This is one of the most attractive factors about a STEM education . 66% of students in the Microsoft STEM survey choose STEM because it is has a high job potentials. According to a new data from Burning Glass Technologies, the demand for students trained in technology, math, engineering and science is getting larger than before. Among millions of job postings according to a new analysis found that there were 5.7 million openings in STEM fields in 2013. STEM students face scarce cycles of unemployment since entry level positions are abundant.

4. Cross marketability of skills

The basic skills earned during your STEM training can be used in several fields (science, technology, engineering mathematics). If you are studying towards a STEM degree, you will learn different scientific subjects that are indispensable to scientific and engineering jobs. STEM students may opt to complement their education with management and leadership minors. A basic understanding of management help entry level engineers grow within their organizations faster than management students and other majors.

5. High Pay

STEM education is a great way not only to get a job but also to get a high paying job. The Microsoft study reveals that 63% people with STEM graduate degree related job get paid more than anyone with another Bachelor’s degree. 47% of people having STEM bachelor degree make more than people with Ph.D. in other fields. According to the STEM survey , the highest percentage on reasons why college students choose to pursue their studies in STEM field is the fat pay after school 68%.

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