Most Useful Mobiles Apps in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a pioneer at the front of mobile technology in the Middle East region.  Smartphone penetration reached 77% in 2014. Banks, retail shops and even the government government engage in mobile development (Android).  We have put together a list of 5 of the most useful mobile applications you must download in Dubai.

1. Melltoo Mobile Apps:

Melltoo is a premiere native marketplace for second-hand items merchandise in Dubai. Melltoo sellers and  buyers can choose six categories: Autos, fashion, mobiles, kids stuff, home, and rentals in UAE. Melltoo is built around trust and easy communication. Travelers and short-term dwellers can also make cash in Dubai by buying cheaper, used items or by selling their belongings when they exit Dubai. Download Melltoo.

2. mDubai integrated mobile gateway app:

If you are living in Dubai or researching information information about the emirate of Dubai, this unique app will allow you easy access to Dubai news and Dubai government memos. This free app does offer the latest events and activities occuring in Dubai via the famed Dubai Calendar. The mDubai mobile application users can also submit their questions and claims. Download mDubai.

3. mPay – Dubai Smart Government’s payment app:

This mPay mobile application is 100% free. It is one of the most promising new apps for iPhone and androids smartphone users. mPay offers an array of payment processing feature. It is a payment gateway for safe mobile payment for the dwellers of Dubai. mPay allows you paying your DEWA (utilitis) bills, traffic fines (hopefully you won’t get these) as well as Etisalat bills. mPay has been dubbed Dubai wonder mobile application by UAE online daily – Emirates 27. Transactions over mPay Dubai mobile application have gone fivefold since launch in 2014. Transaction total Dhs163 millions ($44 million). Download mPay.

4. Dubai City Travel Guide – Guide Pal

This is Dubai’s favorite travel mobile guide for visitors and expats. The mobile applications has reached 6+ million downloads on iOs and android. The mobile application is geared to tourism and entertainment. The mobile application lists the spots curious dwellers should hit, places they should eat and shop at as well as the nightlife scene in Dubai. The travel application has a geolocalized application to track your location and offer a wide list of entertainment venues within a few miles long radius. Download Dubai Mobile Travel Guide.

5. SMS Dubai:

The SMS mobile application is for exclusive use in Dubai and the UAE. The mobile application hosts a  two-end communication channel between the Dubai government ministries, departments and their stakeholders (citizens, dwellers, partners, contractors, etc.). SMS Dubai allows “Push SMS” and “Pull SMS” Push SMS allows Dubai government entities to send transaction information to their contractors through SMS. Customers and contractors can send “Pull SMS” messages to inquire about their transaction status or services performed by the government branches. Visit the web page of SMS Dubai.

This was a list of non-exhaustive popular mobile applications in Dubai. If you are considering building an app to reach to your UAE target market, consider a free evaluation and free quote from iChanical expert developers team. Visit our clients list.