1. 1. Check Each Developer’s Portfolio

Academic credentials are necessary, but a (mobile, web) developing experience is a better guarantee. Development is not just about mastering few programming language. It’s a thinking and problem solving process. Thus, a few years of experience in the required field will make your task and his easier. A descent mobile/web developer should know 3 to 4 programming language per their job position/requirements (marketing, CRM, product development).

The most known coding languages CSS and HTML are entry-level requirements for content writers (marketing) and website developers. JavaScript or jQuery are fundamental coding languages for developing an optimal user experience (UX) for your online customers. XML, CGI, Python or PHP are fundamental for developing full-grown web apps that require saving the users’ info (data collection).

New hires who don’t have a convincing knowledge and professional experience working with these languages (for example) are not fit for the job. Nevertheless, oftentimes, managers will allow less experienced developers on the team,. Character often determines how steep their learning curve could be. It is best to hire  developers who had experienced with their own skills and developed their personal products.  

2. Consider Your Interviewee’s Social Skills 

As much as technical skills matter, developers work in teams. It is quite important to hire a developer with good social skills as they will be collaborating with their colleagues and you – their supervisor – as well as your clients or customers. Communication skills are as important as their tech development skills as in any other computer science or STEM job . As for you, Mr. manager, in order to maximize the efficiency of your project, you need to secure a comfortable working environment that encourages your workers to pull their strengths and resources together.  Group work ethics are quite telling of a worker’s maturity and commitment which when established will lead to a better quality of the work. Organization within the team and efficient communication are the keys to managing team work.

3. Attract the Right Applicants Through an Efficient Job Description 

If you want to attract the right mobile/web developer, you need to post a well-written, target-oriented job description. Set your priorities and demands clear from the beginning so that you make the selection easier for yourself. Start your job description with a simple job summary then clearly list the responsibilities and requirements you are looking for.

Here is a  job description sample that might help you with future job ads:

Job Summary

We are in need of a web developer who will be required to create our company’s website. You will be in charge of designing the complete layout and functioning of the website.

Job Details

·         Able to use software development techniques including well-designed coding and basic HTML and CSS for the website’s layout.

·         To refine specifications according to our technical needs

·         To maintain or expand the website

·         To stay up to date with new technologies and incorporate them within our activities


·         Experience in web programming

·         Knowledge of basic programming languages such as HTML and CSS but also familiar with other languages as JavaScript, PHP or Ruby

·         Time management  and problem solving skills

·         Organizational skills to handle multiple tasks

·         Ability to be up to date and learn fast new technologies and designing techniques