How to increase online sales on Instagram
How to increase online sales on Instagram

Selling on instagram is popular in the Middle East. Many stores and e-retailers have a strong presence on Instagram with thousands of followers and hundreds of posts for their fans.


Instagram is a profitable sales channel for many small businesses in the Middle East. It is easier to drive traffic onto instagram mobile pages through the simple add of hashtags under posts there are even rules for that). There is a rise of insta-prereneurs (instagram entrepreneurs) selling on instagram. Customers and sellers alike enjoy the immediate gratification on instagram (‘likes,’ automated or manual follows) and thus spend a longer time on the social network.


If you would like to start selling on Instagram or enhance youor social presence on the photo-sharing social app, you may want to follow our tips below. The goal is to drive more sales now that you have a bigger traffic of your niche target market. You should capitalize on a 10% conversion rate.


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1.  Use a popular hashtag

The best way to figure out the best hashtags for your business is to test a few and measure social conversion with few posts during the same week or shorter. You can also google an updated list of your industry keywords (someone must have thought of this before you) or ,alternatively, manually keep an eye on your industry peers’ social activity on instagram. Selling on instagram is easy.  The most obvious hashtags are hashtags of products you are selling, your city location and country location as well as the characteristics of your target market (their location, their interests, etc.).


Don’t abuse hashtags. Don’t more than twenty per post as Intagram tends to block users with high hashtag activity. They’re usually mistaken as spammers.


2. Create a social engagement habit

Selling on instagram is profitable if you’re consistent with your brand engagement. If you want optimal results, share a photo every day at a certain time when the bulk of your users may expect you. This could be morning, lunch time or afterwork or the three time slots. Avoid, however, crowd your followers’ instagram feed with too many or irrelevant photos as this will dilute your sales message. In order to keep a steady pace of posting, you can use the help of a content calendar and plan ahead your Instagram posts.


You also should keep your posts relevant to the time of the year. You can either try new tools such as Latergram or share your posts on offline mode and upload them successfully later one post at a time at the most convenient time of the day. The quality of the pictures, their captions and the used emoticons, all add to the popularizing of your products and eventually their selling.


3. Interact with your Instagram followers

 Try to keep a down to earth relationship with your followers. Do reply to comments  for every interaction may lead to a potential sale or at least a referral. Selling on instagram is not magical. It is about social customer relations and social growth. You may also follow, like to comment on your potential customers already in your geographical reach or talking about your product. This will add to your (brand) social exposure on Instagram.