How to promote your mobile application launch in Dubai

How to promote your mobile application launch in Dubai

Thousands of mobile apps hit the Google and Apple store everyday. In December 2011, the number of apps pushed to market crossed the line of 1 million. That is a 233% increase in just twelve months. Many fail to draw any market traction, and few succeed. Thus, a pre-launch marketing strategy is your recipe to stick in the Dubai mobile technology market.

Your mobile app needs a hybrid marketing strategy from investing money in targeted ads, to expanding your organic reach as well as collecting information and taking smalls actions in a scalable and a non-scalable way.

In this short article, you will get your hands on three crucial pre-launch mobile marketing tips to help launch your mobile application to a ready crowd.

Your marketing actions should drop when you start after your develop your MVP while you’re  tweaking the last mobile esigns and crushing bugs. There are many tools to help app developers and business strategists identity their market and connect with their alpha or beta users.

1. Connect with beta users

 The most basic marketing tip to connect with test users is to throw a landing page for your mobile applications so that people may find you and read about you on their search engines. There an increasing number of Content Management Systems that allow easy implementation of a landing page strategy and catching Google’s eye. We could name Squarespace which is affordable and reliable. Unbounce could be a smarter option if you’re a serial developer. You may opt to hire the service of a digital marketer if you don’t want to pay a full rate. Social media is the second go-to marketing strategy to connect and determine your target market. Grow your twitter following by following relevant tweeps and interacting with your followers. You can also search out as many potential customers as possible. It is best to redirect your twitter traffic to your landing page to grab email addresses you can later interact with and pull more information from. Social media is important, but is not a magical tool. Identify the social networks that are relevant to your target market.

2. Identify your alpha, beta users

Beta users serve as an ultimate test group.  This step should not be overlooked because you will need honest and sharp feedback for your new-to-the-world mobile app. You can decide to do an open beta, which is basically open to everyone to gain more impressions, or do a private launch. In some cases, an invite-only beta launch is favored for it is more focused and let you get feedback from a trusted network. Offering incentive and referral may accelerate the growth of your beta users (who may stick with you after your launch). 

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2. Email marketing is powerful

Email is a free tool no one should dispense. Even small businesses with limited budgets can build targeted email campaigns to reach out to beta users and direct them on how to use the mobile application or the desired call of action.  Consider A/B testing your subject line and your CTA to get the desired feedback or actions from your signed up users.

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3. Engage the press

 The press feeds on internet buzzes and consumer hypes. Be the new internet buzz. You can choose to pay PR consultants or requests favors from your contacts in the media industry. You can also reach out to rookies who are looking for the next mobile app cover story. PR consultancy may cost you in the thousands. Study your goals carefully.

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Writing about company values and transparency is the new big thing in content marketing. Buffer drew mega attention from the press when it released a salary transparency report (This Startup Just Published All Employee Salaries – Inc). Your frequent presence on the social media will attract bloggers to write about you. Don’t wait for too long, you should make the first move. Before being featured on other pages, feature yourself on your own page. Start blogging as soon as you can. Provide free and newsworthy information about your app. Get the attention of the media. Do everything you can to push your app to success.

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