How to Increase Sales Turnover on Your Mobile Store

How to Increase Sales Turnover on Your Mobile Store

Online spending is estimated to grow to $18 billion by 2018 in the UAE alone. Online commerce sales in the Middle East are expected to reach a new $15 billion record this year (2015). Visa estimates a 45% year-on-year growth. Has your company taken the leap to become an online retailer?

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Continue to read if you’d like to use your marketing wit to enhance sales on your online mobile commerce store:

1. Transparency

Some mobile users are uncomfortable sharing their private information. Ask the permission of consumers to get access to their private information such as theirlocation and also always make the “opt out” step easy, clear and available. 

2. Easy mobile check out

Mobile retailers should pay special attention their mobile store or mobile applications design (user interface. They should be careful with the information architecture. Make on-screen touching and scrolling easy and user-friendly and do not make it a nightmare for buyers to choose an element in the website layout. Avoid a crowded homepage in order not to confuse the customer and keep the layout of the FrontPage as simple as possible. The checkout page should be equally easy to access once the buyer would have made their product selection.

3. Images

Most consumers depend on the quality of images used to assess the product .How viewers perceive you site is vital because it gives them the first impression about the commodity. the Images used and the layout of the website affect the viewer ‘s opinion of the product for sale. The design should be made around your audience. Make sure to study their design tastes before throwing investing a mobile store application. 

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Many of our tips on E-commerce Marketing Practices That Are Leading to Higher Conversions can be applied in m-commerce marketing as well .For instance , social media is a vital tool for both e- commerce and m-commerce retailers . Transparency , delivering value and using visuals apply for both fields. Talk to us at +971 528069442 (Dubai) or +61 490 201 530 (Sydney, Australia).