Four Online Business Courses For Project Management Professionals

Four Online Business Courses For Project Management Professionals

Online courses are a new alternative to traditional university schooling. Business managers from engineering and computer science backgrounds are now rising to strategy project management positions within their company.

iChanical recommends this hand-picked list of project management courses for new entrepreneurs and corporate mid-level managers to handle their work tasks in a manageable and scientific way. Some of the courses are not free, but they are all of high value. You will learn basic project management skills, team management skills and analytial skills essential to evaluate the progress of your work.

Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management” on Coursera

This is an introductory course with fundamental key concepts in marketing .The course objectives aim to identify factors essential to project success .You will learn how to plan , analyze and manage projects in 4 weeks with 2-4 hours a week .The medium language is English.The corriculum mainly consists of 4 steps:

In the first week , as a beginner , you will be introduced  to the basics of project management from how to assess the success of a project to how to identify and avoid unsuccessful projects. The first lessons will enable students to plan a project and identify its objectives and goals .

In the second week , the lessons will dig more in specific details focusing mainly on how to develop your or your company project . This second week will include showing learners how to sequence a project’s a tasks and fix a schedule with a determined project duration and a critical path. In the third week, students will learn how to manage project risks.The course will equip learners with tools to develop methods that identify, reduce and mitigate critical success risks. In the fourth week, students move from theory to practice .They learn how to move from plan to practice. Students will be ready to execute their project at this stage. The course is free and comes with a certificate of completion.

Essential Tools and Techniques of Project Management on Udemy

Essential Tools and Techniques of Project Management is a free course. It is composed of 20 lectures while each lecture is 3-hour length. It is  designed for beginners. The main objective of the course is introducing learners to the basic tools and techniques of project management. The curriculum is composed of 7 sections.  The traget audience of this course are managers responsible for coordinating projects or business planning team tasks and roles. The first phase in the course is to introduce the learner to basic management  terms, concepts, history of management, distributing team responsibilities and roles. Every lecture provides an overview on common project management approaches. In the definition phase (second phase), learners will learn how to develop project charter and business cases. The third phase is the planning stage. Lectures include defining schedule , planning costs, team communication and outreach. The forth phase is the execution phase. Learners will study tools to report project status and manage stakeholders’ interests and expectations. In the same phase, project managers will learn how to manage risks, schedule ,costs, quality and their team.

In the closing phase , lectures will teach you how to close a project. The last two stages of the course include insights from industry experts and conclusions. It is worth mentioning that at the end of each section , there is a 5-question test to evaluate the managers’ progress.

Project Performance Management on Apanet

This Course is free of charge. It covers the fundamentals of project management namely project lifecycle and the various knowledge areas. The course is based on PMBOK 5th edition.

!The course include more than 7 hours of extensive training through video lectures delivered by a globally renowned faculty from India. The videos are in HD with interactive white board features. The course comes with a Certificate on Course Completion.

Project Management Professional (PMP Exam) on Udemy

The course is comprised of 77 lectures with 6 hours content course. It is designed for intermediate level in project management. It costs $199.

The target audience for this course are professional project managers who are studying towards the Project Management Institute Certificate and wish to become a PMP credential holder. The curriculum is composed of 16 detailed sections. The introduction is about PMP credentials. The second phase is about project management framework. The following phase covers managing project integration. Managers receive insights on how to scope the project. In the 5th , 6th and 7th phases, lectures focus on time goals and expectations, cost metrics and quality management. The 8th  and 9th phases ares consisted around the project’s Human Resources and Communication Management. Later lectures cover risk mitigation and management, procurement management and project stakeholders management .Throughout all the sections, project managers will be equipped with project management toolkits and tips to prepare the PMP test . The last section will explore the PMP application process.

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