Five Characteristics of Fast-Growth Strategic Partnerships

Five Characteristics of Fast-Growth Strategic Partnerships

We recently launched at iChanical, in Dubai, a new acquisition channel to recruit strategic partnership. Our new move is to generate qualified leads through collaborative sales with other creative agencies in the UAE and the Middle East.

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Why Strategic Partnerships Matter

Building a strategic partnership with an agency partner is worth more than a cheap hire on a freelance website to work on one-time projects or offer new low-tier services to cash more on one-shot clients. 


By partnering with us, you will benefit from a new acquisition channel of new leads in new industries. We will both cash on shorter sales cycles, a healthier, regular cash flow and new business expansion.

Five Characteristics of Fast-Growth Partnerships

1. Supportive.

Collaboration between partners is optimal when both partners support each other. Mutually supportive partnerships add optimism, hope and motivation to sales.  

When employees feel supported in a partnership, they work more to achieve partnership goals. Therefore, it is essential that the partners’ be grounded in their mutual values and company culture.

2. Rewarding.

Each member in a partnership must see the reward involved in partnering together. When IT agencies and marketing companies partner together. They’re able to bundle their services and attract better qualified leads for both of their businesses. Conversion is often higher when partner combine their sales skills. In successful partnerships rewards are based on each partner’s worth and significance to the bigger picture.

3. Challenge.

Successful partnerships promote competition and reward achievement. Competition brings an element of fun and comradery into the relationship.  

A competitive partnership incentivize partners to continuously evaluate their prouct offering, market target, marketing efforts to acquire new clients, and it might even install new ideas of change. As the partnership grows, trust is built and the relationship becomes more durable and stronger.  

4. Growth

Successful partnerships act as a growth trigger. Partnership provide room for more than one team and one background to bring their innovative ideas to the table. Partnerships spur creativity. Partnerships invite employees to adapt to new work structures and enhance their flexibility. Successful strategic partnership support innovation, invention and success. 

5. Morale.

Partnerships boost morale. Exceptional collaborations create an environment of positive morale. Openness and honesty are great catalysts to successful partnerships.

Successful partnerships allow time for each member to engage in retro-reflection about their own work and value addition, as each partner can see more clearly what is essential for themselves and others.

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