Agile Software Development - Everything You Need To Know

Agile Software Development – Everything You Need To Know

Agile Software Development

The word “agile” is the new software equivalent to “lean” operations, processes, and startups. Agile development is a new method in software development that depends on layering development and iteration instead of pushing one ‘complete’ product to the market. Developers will learn from market and users feedback how to optimize software, remove or add new features.

Big software corporates in the likes of Microsoft and Oralce usually likes more planning and finished products. Agile development software is popular among bootstrapped startups who are launching new tech products in uncertain markets.

Agile software development brings flexibility and convenience.

Agile development consists of iterations. This means, the software owner receives a viable piece of software at the end of each iteration. First it’s the design of the future product; then is launched the development, where the product receives new features and gets tested, iteration by iteration. Besides, the software owner can track the progress of development by receiving timely reports. Furthermore, this allows the owner to shape the picture of the app by giving feedback and altering requirements.

Requirements to develop a software tend to change. Vision and strategy change. Users may demand new features or pay less attention to other “useless” features. These unexpected changes may cause certain delays and overpays to be realistic. Experience shows that initial requirements do change. These requirements may vary from insignificant ones to those which require rewriting quite a bulk of code. Agile method adds more room for change/improvements. As an agile developer, you keep track of the altering/improving the software.

Another characteristic of agile development is communication between the development contractor and the software owner. Communication plays a major role of making owner-developer significantly simple-flowing. It takes less time for the project to be finished. The software owner receives exactly what he/she wants.

Agile and go-to-market speed

Speed is an advantage of quick releases and updates. The software owner can release his product earlier to the market and land new clients. The most important decisions aren’t always made at the beginning of the project, you can’t predict everything. This is why you need constant iterations.

Agile provides friendly, engaging atmosphere, necessary conditions, and motivation. Flexibility for employees instead of strictness – this will boost creativity. Agile simply works. Planning is highly important. Agile makes your software better if you choose the company that truly gets into the simple philosophy of agile development – providing the software owner and end users with a working result, and maintaining support thereafter.

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